As a composer

Tomáš creates original and highly personal music while fusing several music genres, especially classical music, jazz and electronic music. His compositions have been composed for both, big orchestras as well as chamber ensembles and have been performed on both, domestic and foreign stages.

Tomáš is an active member of the Prague 6 composing group, which was formed around the Concept Art Orchestra ensemble. In 2015, the group recorded the album Concept Art Orchestra and Prague 6. This album won the Czech Anděl genre award in the Jazz and Blues category.

As an arranger & orchestrator

Tomáš regularly collaborates with leading Czech ensembles and orchestras. In 2017, he composed a complete orchestration of the most important work of the leading Czech jazz composer Karel Růžička, the Celebration Jazz Mass for a large symphony orchestra, soprano, mixed choir and jazz band. Another big project was Homage to Karel Růžička, which he realized in 2020 with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. Tomáš worked out the dramaturgy, composition and complete orchestration of the whole evening.

As a jazz pianist

Tomáš has been successfully touring with his solo piano project Song and Old Forms (combining classical music and jazz) in the Czech Republic and also abroad (USA, EU).

His chamber Tomáš Sýkora Trio has a clear mission – to play original music and pass on the joy of music to all listeners. Emphasis is placed on a strong melody, sophisticated sound, thoughtful construction of the musical form and the color of individual compositions.


Currently, Tomáš focuses exclusively on his three original projects.

Tomáš Sýkora Solo

Songs and Old Forms is a cycle of 20 piano compositions (released on CD in 2017). The main message is the fusion of old music forms and classical music principles with jazz elements, electronic experiments and improvisation.

Tomáš Sýkora Trio

Significant melody as a legacy of the European music, jazz harmony, improvisation, emphasis on elaborate sound, thoughtful construction of music form, color of compositions – these are the main features of this chamber jazz project consisting of the original pieces only.

Tomáš Sýkora Trio & Symphony Orchestra

A project on the border of jazz and classical music, combining composed music and improvisation arranged for jazz trio and a big orchestra.


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